Why OSI Group A McDonalds Supplier Created A Partnership With Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods was having a problem supplying their plant-based burger, the Impossible Burger to meet the demand of Burger King and White Castle. A partnership with long time McDonalds leading supplier, OSI Group would be the solution needed to help Impossible Foods. OSI will begin producing the Impossible Burger in a facility in Chicago. OSI also has plans to use another food processing facility in the Midwest to produce the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods partnership with OSI makes it easier to supply the 10,000 restaurants requiring the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods first met OSI while attending a tradeshow in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

OSI Group will help Impossible Foods as it was able to help McDonalds in 1955. The production of popular meatless burgers by OSI will be the first venture of the company into the meat alternative market. Impossible Foods also supply restaurants such as Red Robin and Bar Louie. Impossible Foods will continue to produce the impossible Burger in the Oakland, California facility. The partnership with OSI will help Impossible Foods double their production of the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods plan to make its products available in grocery stores. The availability in grocery stores will require more production of the meatless burger. Impossible Foods will provide 10,000 restaurants the Impossible Burger. The demand created by the 10,000 restaurants was influential in creating a partnership with OSI.

OSI has a history of being involved in technology and adapting to trends. OSI Group was able to use cryogenic freezing to help the meat to be held longer in the 1960s. The cryogenically frozen meat supplied the iconic food chain. The Impossible Burger being produced by OSI will help OSI take advantage of the growing trend of meat alternatives being used. Impossible Foods will attract may attract more vegans, vegetarian, or people who want a healthier choice of burger to eat in fast-food restaurants. People will eventually see the Impossible Burger in the grocery store. The heme, an ingredient found in the Impossible Burger was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The approval was needed before grocery stores would be able to sell the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods and OSI will continue to meet the demand of the people’s desire to have more plant based burgers that taste like hamburgers.


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