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Luke Lazarus focuses his Melbourne startup consulting company on marketing. He has shown an impressive 20 years of experience in planning strategies as well as a demonstration of managing growth.

Born in Australi, he lived his youth in his hometown of Perth but relocated to Melbourne to attend the prestigious Australian University the Melbourne Business School where he studied and completed his MBA. Luke Lazarus decided to pursue business as a professional entrepreneur and over the next eight years after leaving Melbourne Business School he build and sold 4 successful companies.

Shortly after selling his companies to new owners Luke Lazarus decided to change the direction of his career and pursue business as a startup consultant and establish himself in his homeland of Australia. He desired to put together his experience, education, and insights received from his business career and offer his experience to startups who were seeking to get a foothold in the business world.

He began his consulting business in 2013 and since then he has been multi-tasking his way from startup to startup, where he is satisfied with making startups better and more prepared to stand alone with a story that will connect with consumers.

Using Real World Knowledge

Luke Lazarus understands practically what it takes to make it in the business world and coaches his startups to have all the essential elements as well as story elements that could be used to bring interest to themselves from a venture capitalist, angel investors, or other corporations that either want to promote or purchase their story and products. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | DougsandlerandLuke Lazarus | Medium

What Luke Lazarus knows for certain is that every company needs a story that will tell what the company stands for, a moral story that draws an emotional connection from consumers. Venture capitalist look for certain elements when a startup presents themselves and having these essentials raises the probability of gaining investment. Lesson Luke Lazarus would teach his startups is to always keep the main values in mind while pursuing the larger vision of the company. Major decisions they make need to remain foremost while keeping steady progress towards their ultimate goals.

Setting the Story

If the foundation of the business is set within its story, then success is solidly est on its foundation. Luke Lazarus wants his startup teams to make their story understandable to consumers in order to allow them to relate to the story and to bring it alive thru different media to use media to show how their story can bring new and enduring life to the customer. At the same time, they must remain flexible enough to flow with the changes and developments in the market and the economic times.

Aligning with Core Values

Luke Lazarus works tirelessly to present the points of his business philosophy, which is to help startups write their story so that it can intersect with a consumers needs and agenda, which is a safe path to make an emotional connection with consumers in the marketplace.

A customer, Lazarus believes, wants to feel the connection with a brand and that it aligns with their personally held values. In other words, having an experience that resonates with their values and a relationship that is filled with value.

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