Why Adam Goldenberg Is One Of The New Faces Of Fashion

When one thinks of the current movers and shakers within the fashion industry, certain names come to mind. Versace. Ford. But Goldenberg as in Adam Goldenberg? The young technology geek who made his name in computer gaming? What does he know about fashion?

By Goldenberg’s own admission at first, not much. There’s no question that he has known his way around the business world since an early age. Adam Goldenberg sold the gaming company he developed at age fifteen to Intermix Media (creators of MySpace) and three years later, instead of heading off to college went to work for that company himself. Two years later, he was running Intermix Media, the nation’s youngest COO of a publicly traded company at age twenty.

But Goldenberg wasn’t just a wonder kid at Intermix Media, he was meeting them, too. One of them was entrepreneur Don Ressler, whose savvy managing and selling of online businesses had made him a millionaire and caught Goldenberg’s eye. After Intermix Media’s sale to a larger corporation, the two formed a partnership and founded Intelligent Beauty. This online start-up featured health and beauty aids, including several that Goldenberg and Ressler had a hand in developing.

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The leap from health and beauty products to fashion ones was perhaps inevitable. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to begin selling clothing from their Intelligent Beauty site. But they envisioned a clothing arm that would feature exciting new fashions at reasonable prices, propelled by social media. And the site would be fueled by the then new “fashion subscription model”. Participants would share information on personal fashion tastes. Each month for a fixed price Goldenberg and Ressler’s company would then send each participant an assortment of fashion items that fit her particular profile. Subscribers also had the option of passing on monthly offerings, making this service even more appealing.

Christened JustFab, this company launched in 2006. Since by his own admission Goldenberg doesn’t “know the difference between a Mary Jane and a peep-toed shoe”, he and Ressler worked with designers and stylists to come up with appealing products. In 2013 in an attempt to add “affordable glamor” to the line, Adam Goldenberg teamed with actress Kate Hudson who wanted to design a line of athletic clothing. The result was Fabletics, which offered tops and leggings at affordable prices. The Fabletics brand was so successful that a men’s line was added two years later. However, some consumers noted that not only didn’t customers look like Hudson wearing the Fabletics brand, many larger size wearers couldn’t fit into the products either. In 2016, JustFab announced that Fabletics would soon be unveiling more “all-inclusive sized” products to satisfy this demand.

And Fabletics isn’t the only Goldenberg product undergoing changes. Also in 2016, JustFab announced a name change to TechStyle to better reflect this company’s unique combination of digital technology and fashion. And given that this company now has a billion dollar value, it would seem that Adam Goldenberg not only has a good and influential grasp on technology, but on how people want to spend their fashion dollars.

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