Whitney Wolfe Contends With The Norm

The career woman no longer has to worry about her schedule that does not allow her to date. The Bumble App by Whitney Wolfe allows her to date at the comfort of her office or her home. Many career women and students have installed the app on their phones, and a lot of them have ended up in happy relationships and even marriages. It took the wit and invention of one Diva: Whitney Wolfe.

Why Every Woman Should Have The App
Bumble BFF serves the woman more than it serves any other category of people. Using the App, a woman has full control of whom she wants to befriend, unlike in the real setting where women are picked by men. In this arena, the woman swipes to the right the match she likes and discards to the left the match she dislikes. Only a woman can initiate a chat, keeping men off her privacy. Moreover, when the woman is tired or bored of a match, the app allows her to remove them from her life. The App also offers privacy to women as their Facebook friends cannot know when one subscribes to the App.

How To Install Bumble BFF
i. Download Bumble App
ii. Sign up to the App using Facebook
iii. Create a Bumble profile
iv. Switch to Bumble BFF
v. Select the area you want your matches to be drawn from.
vi. Swipe right to like a match
vii. Swipe left to dislike a match
viii. A match is given by the app when a person you like likes you back

Whitney Wolfe’s Life
Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University, where she studied international studies. She began her first business at nineteen when she was in college. Since that time, she has done many forms of businesses and joined many partnerships. However, the most successful was Bumble App, which she initiated to answer to the needs of the career woman. Moreover, she also desired to create the world where girls picked men as opposed to the traditional method where girls waited for men to ask them out.

Additionally, Whitney Wolfe wanted to make women boot men when the relationship bores. More than that, Whitney has been listed as among the most powerful women in Forbes and other lists.


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