Where Gustavo Martinez gets ideas

Creating great marketing campaigns is what Gustavo Martinez does every day. For 35 years, he has been promoting businesses through marketing and advertising. Everyone knows that to come up with such campaigns, one has to own an almost endless source of ideas.

It works as the basket that you will dig into when you need something to do with your new campaign. So, where does he get all these ideas, and how does he implement them? The guru recently shared his secrets when he was interviewed by an online business publication. Here are some of the things that he always does.

Diversity of thought

To have the best ideas in business, Gustavo Martinez says, you need to diversify your thoughts. Diversity is the source of all good things. Because of this, you should come up with creative ways to implement it. You may already know of how others do it; however, if you do not add a unique twist to it, you will end up in a different situation. Raw creativity is the source of all thriving souls and therefore, everyone has to train their minds to always be creative. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia

A solid background

Your background in marketing will help you to come up with ways through which you can implement ideas. Gustavo Martinez knows this trick and has capitalized on it. When he runs out of ideas, he looks back at the things that happened in the past.

The same happens with his team too. They found out that by simply studying some of the projects that they completed, they get lots of ideas on how to manage the ones that they think are too difficult. Considering that this is a veteran who has been working on this industry for three and half years, there is no doubt that his background is solid.

Working with the right team

Selecting the right employees is another great way to come up with ideas and implement them. The best manager knows this too well and therefore, they select talented workers. A team that oozes raw talent will always be your supporting pillar, especially when you run out of ideas.

For instance, when you have too many projects to manage in a short duration, you can confidently dedicate some of them to your team as long as you know that they have the right talent.

Apart from these great ways to get ideas, Gustavo Martinez says that he has always found good results when he recognizes those who do great work.

Whether they are your employees, business partners, family, or friends, you should let them know when their work helps your business. They will be happy when you recognize them and so, they will always be willing to help with new ideas.

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