What The Secrets Are To Cashing In On Freedom Checks

You probably see or hear advertisements all the time on the next big thing you should invest in. Many scammers and unverified investment advisors lead people the wrong way whether it’s through trying to get them to buy penny stocks, promising extreme wealth in certain gold coins that aren’t so rare, or promising you’ll get rich quick through network marketing gigs. But if you’ve heard of freedom checks and assume they fall under the same category, think again because they are actually a real way to earn money investing in real companies that you may not have realized have the benefits they do.

The man who is credited with discovering freedom checks is Matt Badiali, a geologist and natural resources expert who is familiar with the oil and mining industries. That is where these investments come from; their secret is that while they are bought and traded just like most other stocks, they are based in master limited partnership (MLP) companies. These companies are registered differently than most others, and they fall under a tax code that makes their investments tax free. While they generate revenue the same as most companies, they have to pay at least 90℅ of it to investors, but at the same time those dividends are considered a return on capital and not income.

Freedom checks got their name because these MLP companies are in the midst of a US natural resource and oil boom, and are pushing for complete freedom from foreign oil imports. Over the course of this next year, experts are predicting over $34 billion in oil and natural gas production will hit, and the MLP companies you buy into could be set to pay you a huge amount. In fact, some people have already revealed that they’ve received large dividend payments in freedom checks even over $100,000. Like all other investments, you do need to find the right companies to invest in and you will be taking risks in doing so. But the chances to earn big payouts are very real, and to get started you can subscribe to Badiali’s newsletters at Banyan Hill.

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