Wes Edens Takes Risks Inside and Outside The Board Room

Wesley Robert Edens, Wes Edens for short,, is the current owner of The Milwaukee Bucks. Before he was the owner of the Bucks, he graduated from Oregon State University. He then got a position with the California Savings and Loan. He was successful there and was able to move on Merril Lynch and Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers. He became part of Blackrock Financial Management and he continued to have success at this company. This success led to be the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and the exports team called Flyquest. There are probably other things that you didn’t know about Wes Edens and here they are. The Milwaukee Bucks and Flyquest are not the only teams that he is connected.

Recently, he bought a major amount of shares in Aston Villa, an English Championship football club. Edens has been a football fan for a long time. He combined his investment with a man named Nassef Sawiris. It is hoped that this new investment by these two men will help the team with their financial woes. Another thing that you probably don’t know about Edens is that he has a wife and four children. Mallory, his youngest daughter, represented the Bucks at NBA draft in 2014. A sportswriter named Chris Sheridan did not like her representing the team. He called her a trophy daughter. Sheridan was widely criticized for this article, especially by her father, Wes Edens. When Wes Edens is not trying to add to his fortune, he is climbing one of the world’s highest mount. He did enjoy mountain climbing as a young man, but stopped when he was trying to get into college.

Recently, he had reignited his interest in mountain climbing, So far, he conquered the Grand Taton, Matterhorn and Pangora Peak He has had some accidents as you would expect from mountain climbing, but it has not stopped so far from doing this hobby. Mountain climbing is not the only hobby that Edens has. He also enjoys riding horses. He had horse jumping listed as one of his favorite He has had three major surgeries due to his horse hobby. So far, he has torn a tendon in a finger, broke an arm and damaged a disc in his spine. The appeal of passenger trains has waned for Floridians, but not for Edens. He has invested in Brightline Train and had them start a route between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It has recently been extended to Miami. His ambition for this train line to have passenger trains go to several major American cities. Wes Edens has many interests that go beyond the board room.


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