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The internet epoch opens a flood gate of opportunities for ambitious startup entrepreneurs to bring genius ideas to life. The survival of these emerging ventures hinges on the institution of firm leadership. Some entrepreneurs have a natural affinity for the role, while others apply themselves to become extraordinary examples. MergerTech co-founder and IT industry innovator, Nitin Khanna demonstrates an aptitude for business that few entrepreneurs possess today.

What Mr. Khanna has learned throughout the years as an entrepreneur is that being self-critical is sometimes plausible. It’s a quality he believes equips entrepreneurs for what’s ahead and challenges them to improve their artistry. He also encourages budding entrepreneurs to become a progressive critical thinker when recruiting and terminating employees. Not knowing when to let go of incompetent staff can hurt the business. Likewise, failing to recognize talents that have a propensity for hard work and the sheer determination to evolve in their field.

Nitin Khanna left his native India in search of a purpose and higher education. At 17, he began his journey at Indiana’s Purdue University. He studied industrial engineering at the West Lafayette campus, where he got his Master’s. He landed his first official job at the American paper pulp giant, International Paper in 1994 as a manufacturing engineer. Four years later, Nitin Khanna moved on to greener pastures and accepted a senior consulting position at Oracle.

In 1998, he established the startup, Saber Software, where his brother was a managing partner. As CEO and chair, Nitin Khanna dedicated a decade to building and strengthening the company’s position in the market. It won the contract to carry out critical software upgrades to streamline the election systems, a mandate sanctioned by the Congressional administration in 2002. The heavily competitive year 2000 election, involving Gore and Bush was the catalyst behind this urgent appeal.

For Nitin Khanna, it was a community development initiative, being that he resided in Portland, where he also operated Saber Software. Oregon was the first state to adopt the new systems, and another 21 states followed respectively. The multimillion-dollar corporate became the largest independent vendor providing software solutions to state government systems. EDS, a leading multinational IT firm bought the startup in 2008 for quadruple its net value. With the acquisition, EDS gained a new alliance as Nitin Khanna joined the group. He became an invaluable partner and asset, negotiating strategic acquisitions and mergers for EDS.

The spirited entrepreneur desired a higher purpose and found himself funding and advising numerous local businesses. The consulting experience inspired him to launch MergerTech. There, he’s the principal, lead negotiation advisor and strategist, where he advises technology companies on expansion planning and client development solutions. He also helps them find strategic partnerships and funding for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a serial investor, Nitin Khanna never folds on a lucrative opportunity. The legalization of cannabis in 2012 gave way for a new investment adventure. Nitin Khanna bought stakes in a progressive startup called Cura Cannabis Solutions. In 2015, the group appointed him as CEO. Today, he’s relinquished his title but remains an active shareholder. For his love of music, Mr. Nitin Khanna became a professional DJ, making concert and festival appearances locally. He enjoys a comfortable life with his family in Portland. He keeps the right balance of work and life, perfectly integrated, which enables him to enjoy both worlds.

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