Vinod Gupta Found Success By Recognizing A Gap In The Business List Industry

Vinod Gupta has been working hard for most of his life in order to be a successful businessman, and he has succeeded. He has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and also understands the power of a good education. When he first went to work with the Commodore Corporation in the United States, he was very focused on innovation. He noticed there was a gap in service in the business list sector, and he was able to capitalize on this by creating his own company that put out lists.

Vinod Gupta started his company with just $100 that he had borrowed from the bank. He used this money to mail out marketing material to potential customers. This was successful, and it wasn’t long before he was selling his lists for a lot of money. More and more customers began to spread the word about the lists he created, and before long, his company was worth millions of dollars.

Vinod Gupta named his company American Business Information but later changed its name to infoUSA. His company was already profitable before it was even officially created. He had been able to sell more than one of the initial lists he had created and also had multiple pre-orders. Gupta was recently interviewed and asked if there was ever a time when he doubted that company would work. He commented in response that the only doubt he experienced came from other people. These people thought he was wasting his time, but he later proved them wrong.

Today, Vinod Gupta is using a lot of the profits he has earned to help people in India and other parts of the world. He has donated millions of dollars to the country’s educational sector and has built multiple schools. Gupta plans on continuing to do more for the people of India and is just happy to be alive.

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