Use These Tips from Goettl to Save Energy This Summer

Goettl is telling us the secret to staying energy efficient even during the summer when you need to use the air conditioning a lot. The first tip is to use a ceiling fan. There are many instances where using an air conditioning will not even be necessary if you are using a ceiling fan.

Next, make sure you are maintaining your HVAC system. This means clean it up every once in awhile and make sure the air filters are cleaned. Make sure it is not old and that nothing is broken. This will help it work better.

Another tip not a lot of people know about is keeping your air conditioning units in the shade. When they are in the sun, they will have to work harder. When they work harder, they use up more energy.

Having a smart thermostat is another great way to save. A smart thermostat will automatically adjust, depending on the temperature in the room. It will save energy even if you are not changing it yourself.

Of course, the best way to save energy is by using Goettl. It was founded way back in 1926, when the Goettl brothers moved to Arizona. Goettl has been a leading provider of air conditioning services in Arizona every since.

The grandsons of the original Goettls have been continuing their family tradition since 1986. You can get your HVAC service estimate absolutely free by just calling them. Their mission is to do the right things for their customers the first time and to have an unmatched quality of service.


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