US Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch Investing in Employees to Expand the Company

A company that’s in the process of growing we need to take stock of their initial resources, set up a projection of events, and decide what to do in terms of investment. Angela Koch, CEO the US Money reserve, says that businesses like hers ought to consider investing into their employees.

Koch’s in charge of a sales organization, a massive one with equally large marketing and sales departments. But the only woman CEO in her industry wanted people to stand out against the competition, as people capable of much more.

Rather than just teaching sellers how to sell, Koch wants a Workforce full of experts and precious metals who have detailed knowledge of the business’ current state, capable of closing out any transaction.

The US money Reserve is a precious metal distributor from Texas, and one of the biggest in this industry. Their inventory of silver, gold, and platinum come straight from the US federal government. With professionals on staff and having established relationships with other companies, they have attracted more than 500,000 investors looking for alternatives to insert into their portfolios. Koch wants to attract even more.

She takes her responsibilities as CEO seriously. The philosophy she’s established for this position makes her responsible for developing employees in a professional capacity, and in doing so they will help the company expand. An employee investment is a better way to spend her time than worrying about revenue.

Working for the US Reserve wasn’t something Koch had planned on, and certainly not

on becoming it’s CEO. Out of college and with a small child, she had to learn how to provide for them both. Her professional life began with an incomplete education and a lack of life skills, meaning she was starting at the bottom and had to find her way to the top.

Koch worth several jobs in more than one industry at once. But no matter where she wound up, she discovered a talent for collecting and analyzing data. This gave her an unbiased view of where she was presently and charted out a pathway forward.

Once at the US Money Reserve, Koch applied a similar message she had relied on in the past to become CEO. Years of being in the big seat, cheese had the opportunity to draft a system that takes data from all over the company and provides it to everyone. It replicates the process she’s applied throughout her professional life so that both employees and customers benefit from this program of professional development.

As Koch and the other executives work expansion, her process is introducing important steps to help employees grow alongside the company. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Instagram

The first step on the road to development, is removing hesitation. Employees that can make a decision and stick to it won’t waste time thinking about what they could have done, according to Koch.After that, and please me to learn how to balance work and life.

The purpose of this is to introduce a clarity of mind, letting employees focus on work when in the office, making for a more productive staff. Ultimately Koch wants employees to know what their strengths are. That means identifying a skill set, building it up, becoming an expert in that area concentration.

Koch knows what she wants and how to get it done. This plan is to help reinforce an office that doesn’t use excuses, building a company capable of securing more this market.

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