Up Close with Norka Luque As She Dominates the Latino Music Industry

Norka Martinez Luque is a breath of fresh air in the Latino music industry. She inspires fans to pursue their dreams to the fullest irrespective of challenges they may face. Originally from Venezuela, the talented singer discovered her love and passion for music at a tender age. Afterwards, she set eyes on conquering the music world by communicating hope through her talent. Norka was lucky enough to receive unconditional support from her family. She immediately enrolled into music training with ballet and piano classes while still in school.
Norka Luque participated in a music band while studying Business Administration, Fashion and Culinary Arts in France. Emilio Estefan Jr., a music producer, noticed her rare talent while performing and immediately hired her as a client. Luque was destined for stardom as soon as Emilio liked her work. She credits Estefan as a great source of knowledge and motivation in scaling new heights. Her dedication and commitment have significantly contributed to overcoming personal challenges in her life.
Creation of a New Hit Song

Norka recently collaborated with a talented team of producers, under the supervision of Estefan, to create a new hit song. The song, titled Milagro, has been a major hit in the U.S, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. The melody blends Mediterranean, Caribbean and reggae sounds. The song has earned a spot in the Latin Music Billboard as a testament of her talent.

Milagro aims at inspiring fans to source strength from God in overcoming personal crises. She believes that it is the duty of artists to deliver positive messages through songs, irrespective of their genre or rhythm. Norka has learnt to appreciate every aspect of life after overcoming various hardships. She intends to always use music as a medium of transmitting love.

Fans at the Billboard Bash were treated to an unforgettable experience as Luque entertained audiences. Fans got a chance to fully appreciate Norka’s talent at its best. Trailblazers in the music industry received several accolades as a token of their contribution to the entertainment sector. Industry achievers such as Universal and Sony also received awards for their role in dissemination of music.
Other Hobbies and Interests

Norka regularly exercises and consumes a balanced diet to stay in shape. She has engaged the services of a reputable trainer to aid in realization of weight loss. Furthermore, she is an avid tennis player and occasionally participates in professional matches. Luque credits Estefan as a guiding compass in her professional life. Norka has been nominated in the Lo Nuestro Award specifically in the Female Pop Artist of the Year.


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