Unroll Me Unrolls A New Way To Email

Email has made communicating faster and easier. The problem is the large amount of spam and unwanted solicitations that make it into our email boxes. Having to scroll through pages of unwanted emails takes up valuable time and energy. There is now a new and better way of dealing with all this spam.

Unroll Me is a free application that can help streamline the process of sifting through unwanted emails. It only takes a few clicks to sign up for the free service. If the app turns out not to be what was expected or wanted unsubscribing is just as easy.

Slice Technologies Inc is the parent company of unroll me. Unroll Me was founded in 2011. It can be found in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. It is available on most every device. The design up allows users of AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, Google, and many other email accounts.

One of the top benefits of using Unroll Me is that it allows users to categorize their emails. The user will have a one click choice whether to save the email, enroll it in a categorized list of to permanently delete it. Using the categories feature allows users to quickly find and access the information that is most important to them.

Access to the app is also very easy. Once the individual signs up and sets their category lists notices will pop up that allow for one click access. In this way unroll me becomes even easier to use than our email. Streamlined and secure it s a better way to email.

Another benefit of Unroll Me is access to new newsletters and subscription emails that one would not have otherwise known about. Unroll Me stays on the look out for things of interest for each user. It will then suggest these things when one accesses their lists.

Using unroll me will not take away every piece of spam in your inbox. Although it will send emails to specific categories and lists where they can be easily accessed and seen. It is free to use and makes going through your inbox quicker and easier.


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