Unroll Me: The Future of Email Management

More often than not, individuals find their inboxes packed to the brim with emails that can easily be considered junk. That usually comes down to subscribing to emails without giving much thought and before we know it, we’re bombarded with emails we don’t need and we miss out on the ones we do. Thankfully, there are some methods to sort out our inboxes and weed out the unwanted emails we receive to keep the ones we want. 

One of these services cuts down the time spent sorting through messages to find the necessary ones considerably. The service, which is free and who doesn’t like a free service, is known as Unroll Me. With Unroll Me, unsubscribing from emails is simple and intuitive as one click being all that’s needed to get rid of an unwanted email subscription. 

All it takes is to visit Unroll Me and sign in with an account from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Outlook, AOL or an email address to get started. Every subscription a user is signed up with is shown on Unroll Me and through this, the options Add to Rollup, Unsubscribe or Keep in Inbox are displayed. Unsubscribe cancels any subscriptions that are no longer wanted. 

Any subscriptions that are kept fall under the Add to Rollup category where they make it out to the user on a daily basis. In list or grid form, subscriptions have the capacity to be unsubscribed or added whenever the time. In addition to this, Unroll Me has the ability to inform users month to month about any new subscriptions. 

Unroll Me, started by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald, manages email subscriptions for anyone looking to remove the clutter from their inboxes and have a fresh, clear inbox where those users can find what they need. It helps filter through the junk and keeps the necessary things and provides notifications.


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