Toyo Setal Implements Periodic Monitoring In Protected Areas of Sustainability

Improving Sustainable Practices

When we look at the current global scene, people are becoming daily aware of the conscious efforts of sustainable programs being developed by major corporations around the world. Corporations like Coke®, Apple®, Starbucks®, and many more are making their sustainability programs reach deep into the social structures they represent. Toyo Setal integrates its sustainability program within the scope of its engineering and construction company work. After the innovative designs of its projects are developed, it then further elaborates and integrates the sustainable practices unique to each soc-system in which it has acquired licenses to work.

What is Sustainability?

For Toyo Setal, sustainable practice is to work within the environment without exhausting the resources that are available within the environment. The company uses many technological solutions to formulate practices that reduce the toxic wastes, as well as protect the endangered species within a given perimeter of work. The company has one purpose in its working in a local community, which is to be transparent to all local areas of sustainability efforts and their implementation with local and professional authorities to ensure a proper integration pleasing to all.

Endangered Species Programs

• Reduce Contamination
• Give lasting value to Natural Resources
• Classify and Tag Native Species
• Seasonal or periodic Monitoiring of Flora
• Periodic Monitoiring of Endangered Fauna
• Tree re-seeding following De-forestation

Educational Integration

• Local Training for in Sustainable Efforts
• Endangered Species Protected
• Relocating Registered Species
• Tagging Botanical Registered as Endangered
• Removal of sick or endangered species
• Transplanting Trees When necessary

Toyo Setal Company

Toyo Setal works within the engineering sector of the construction and provides different alternatives to care for local eco-systems to the local authorities when it integrates into the environment it has received licenses to work. The company inspects all of the local biological as well as agricultural resources, especially endangered species, and plans ways to safeguard these species from any harm by its being within the local habitat. While working with local authorities professional trained in the biological and botanical sciences, the company gains a perfect understanding of the options it has to produce a more safe environment for the local environment better.

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