TOWN Residential Brings a High Level of Service to the New York Luxury Market

Few cities are associated with real estate in people’s imagination the way that New York City is. New York City is among the most complex and competitive real estate markets in the world. Buying or rent property in the city is no easy task, as a high level of expertise is necessary to navigate this challenging market. Buyers and sellers seeking a luxury property need a professional team that specialize in the upmarket segment. Founded in 2010 by experienced real estate professional Andrew Heiberger, Town Residential is a real estate company that helps its clients buy, sell, rent, lease out, market, and develop property in the New York City area. It has quickly become the premier luxury real estate firm in New York.

Town Residential officers a buyer’s guide as well as a seller’s guide to help bring clients up to speed on the intricacies of the real estate market. The buyer’s guide is design to give potential buyers an overview of the market along with their options, whereas the seller’s guide aims to help customers understand the pricing, marketing, and sales process. In addition, New York is well-known for its enormous rental market. Many people are attracted to the city, for many, buying is not an option. Town Residential understands the ins and outs of the rental market in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

Whatever your real estate plans, Town Residential’s web site makes it easy to find a professional and knowledgeable agent to meet your needs. Led by founder Andrew Heiberger and COO Jacqueline Pestana, the team focuses on the luxury market and provides an unparalleled level of service. In a city full of aspiring real estate agents, Town Residential has the tools and experience to handle transactions at the highest levels and get the results you seek.


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