TJ Maloney Has His Sights Set Forward

Thomas Jay Maloney is an established bank specialist. He currently operates as the Chief Executive Officer at Lincolnshire Management Firm. The first position he had with the company was as the Management Director. TJ Maloney would hold this position until 1998, when he became the Chief Executive Officer. During his time at Lincolnshire Management, he has overseen many of the firm’s operations. One of TJ Maloney’s main objectives at Lincolnshire Management Firm is to actively guide portfolio companies. Along with this, the CEO also gives operational focus; to help isolate potential growth.

Before becoming the Director, Chairman, and CEO for Lincolnshire, TJ Maloney held positions such as Board Of Trustees and Chairman for Boston Wall Street Council. The well-established leader attained his bachelors degree at Boston College. Before his graduation, TJ Maloney had already enrolled to Law School at Fordham University. The latter school would end up awarding him one of their highest honors in 2007.

TJ Maloney begins his days generally with some coffee, mediation, and reading before going to the office. He is a big believe In balance and thinks that moderation can go a long way. Once in the office for the day, meetings are conducted and market studying is taking place. Thomas Jay mentions that keeping up with industry changes can have a positive influence on a company. When it comes to acquisitions, the banking expert states that it’s a step-by-step process. The most important component of these dealings is team communication. If there was any advice that TJ Maloney could give his younger self, it would be trust your gut reactions when dealing with investments. He also adds to that, don’t make decisions too quickly. The team at Lincolnshire has a family feel and this is one of Maloney’s favorite things about working with the New York Firm.

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