TJ Maloney Continues To Have Much To Be Excited About At Lincolnshire Management

TJ Maloney is an accomplished professional in the world of investing and private equity. He is the leader of the team of experts that operate out of New York’s Lincolnshire Management. TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chair of the firm. The business was established in 1986 and around seven years later, TJ Maloney came on board in 1993. He has played a vital role in the private equity firm’s growth since that year that he first walked through the door. The role that he works in sees TJ as the individual ultimately responsible for all business operations. This includes staying on top of all the news with the firm’s portfolio operations. He has also spent a great amount of time over the years on the investment committee. The excellent work put in by TJ over the years has helped Lincolnshire Management to fulfill its commitment to its client base.

TJ Maloney has many past accolades on his professional resume. These accomplishments include his time in the mergers and acquisitions sector in New York. In that past, he has served as the Chair for the Wall Street Council that operates through Boston College. TJ has given lectures as a guest speaker at several prestigious universities over the years as well. These accomplishments have served to further demonstrate the dedication and commitment that he has put into his trade over the years. This commitment has translated well to Lincolnshire Management.

TJ Maloney and the leadership at Lincolnshire Management was proud to be able to recently announce its four most recent team additions. The firm is adding to its ability to serve today’s middle market by adding four valuable new leadership figures to the team. Among these are a pair of new analysts in George Stolt-Nielsen and Yashna Ginodia. The team is also adding Mathew Nacier. He is coming on in a senior associate capacity as is fellow new addition Nicolas Vega Llona. These individuals are fully expected to make significant impacts in their own ways. For his part, TJ Maloney is excited about adding such qualified new team members at Lincolnshire Management.

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