Thor Halvorssen Speaks About The Election On FOX

The 2016 election cycle has been intense. People have been repelled by every candidate. Every day, another surprise emerges. Men such as Thor Halvorssen provide a unique perspective on the contemporary election, particularly the democratic underdog, Bernie Sanders. Mr. Halvorssen believes that socialism is a deplorable economic policy. He outlined his position on socialism and his support of Bernie Sanders during this FOX interview.


His Personal Experience

Data can be boring. Even if a particularly argument is logically valid, we are often not compelled by it because there is no narrative. People want to know how a governmental policy actually impacts the people, and how it has impacted the people in the past. Thor Halvorssen brings a unique perspective, as he has been directly impacted by the clutches of socialism. He said that his father was a political prisoner, his mother was executed, and his cousin is presently a prisoner in Venezuela. Halvorssen charges the abuses of socialism with these deaths.


The Venezuelan Government Controlled Prices

Under a socialistic regime, the government has the authority to control trade and prices. If the economy needs a boost, they may raise or lower the prices (whichever they think would stimulate growth). However, Halvorssen reported that this resulted in massive shortages. People did not have the resources that they needed because vendors were not funded well enough to maintain their products.


Redistribution of Wealth

The proposed solution is to take a portion of their income and distribute it among poor families. This is obviously quite appealing. But, Halvorssen argues, this method does not work. Rich people eventually run out of money.


He Still Supports Bernie

Despite his misgivings about socialism, he made a substantial donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both unfit for office, and Sanders is the only viable option.

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