Thor Halvorssen Explains His Views on Socialism

In a recent interview with Fox News regarding issues central to the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election, Thor Halvorssen discusses his take on democratic socialism. In particular, Halvorssen explains why we should take pause with some of the policies being suggested by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, especially in light of real world experience with the application of democratic socialist principles in real life situations. Thor Halvorssen’s perspective on democratic socialism is that while the policies may seem beneficial in an academic setting, the real life application of these policies can have serious repercussions if proper controls are not placed on government power. Because socialism inherently involves the redistribution and government control over private property, Halvorssen warns that individual freedoms may be slowly curtailed, and the government can gain more power than its citizens will be able to take back from it.

Halvorssen’s role as the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation makes him a prominent voice regarding the importance of protecting liberty and freedom. Although he points to examples such as Sweden and Denmark as regions of the world where democratic socialism has not resulted in massive deadly human rights violations, he offers Venezuela as an example of one of the problems inherent with socialism in that it can lead to a slippery slope towards an authoritarian regime. As the Venezuelan national government continues to control prices, supply and the ownership of property, its citizen find themselves at the mercy of the government and its measured rationing of supplies. This could lead to a widespread panic and serious problem as citizens’ needs are not met.

What makes Halvorssen’s perspective on concerns regarding the application of socialist principles particularly unique is that he has experienced the consequences of authoritarian regimes relying on socialist principles firsthand. Indeed, Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner based on fabricated charges of terrorism while investigating the infamous Medellín cartel in 1993. In addition, Halvorssen’s mother was shot during a peaceful political protest in Venezuela. Halvorssen’s first cousin is also currently imprisoned in Venezuela. His personal experiences certainly paint a cautionary tale of allowing authoritarian regimes to acquire too much power through the implementation of socialist policies over time. Visit Thor’s IMDB page to see what he’s been involved in with his film making endeavors.

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