The Valuable Ways Location Smart Help Businesses Through IP  Geolocation

Businesses that do not harness the full power of IP Geolocation fail to reap its many benefits, which include the wonderful privilege of communicating with clients and the tools that help benefit businesses activities. Harnessing the power of the company called Location Smart, businesses are given a tried and tested platform that can help optimize the numerous advantages of IP geolocation.


When devices are connected to a network, may it be extranet, intranet, or internet models, each is assigned a unique IP address. The main function of an IP address is for a network to be able to identify the individual device or specific user. Another one of its functions is the geolocation identification.


Fortunately, the power of the IP address extends beyond its geolocation function and helps many businesses in many crucial ways. Depending on the kind of industry, specific functions have the potential of boosting profitability, improving internal functions, and opening opportunities some may not even be aware of. Read on below to find out the many fantastic opportunities that Location Smart can help businesses with:


Helps Comply with Legal Regulations


Some industries are majorly regulated in order to retain their function, and this includes geographic location. For instance, mobile lottery games and online casinos are required to comply with this function for both state and local laws because betting online is prohibited in some area. A potential player’s location has to be identified and confirmed before he is allowed to bet and accept payouts form an online betting site.


Promotes Risk Reduction of Online Fraud


Online fraud is an endemic problem in this digital world. Putting in the added protection of Location Smart to help verify a user’s identity serves a protection for the both the business and the client. It actually gives customers the confidence to continue doing business with a company because they know that their vital personal information will remain safe and secure.


Harnesses Geo-Specific Advertising along with Real-Time Feedback


Location Smart is able to provide all businesses with real-time data about the location of real customers when they use their mobile apps or mobile sites to access company websites. If a business has the vital information of who, when, and where the data is being accessed from, then the business can communicate with them more efficiently and give direct feedback. This includes providing specialized promos on the products and services that is near them and that the customers are interested in.


Secures a Business Network and Assets


Location Smart Amps up company security because people who log onto the network and their locations are easily identifiable. This can even alert the key stakeholders about hacking attempts, along with other malicious activities, so appropriate action can be administered. On top of that, tracking connected devices become a breeze, which is beneficial when monitoring to decrease financial loss is required.


Protects Copyrights and Digital Data


To profit from digital data like streaming content, only authorized users that have been geolocation verified should be able to access the content. This reduces risks of content pirates plagiarizing the content for their own personal gain.


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