The Unexpected Career Path of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry has had an unusual career for someone who received his college degree in actuarial mathematics. Most people use that education to work in the insurance industry. While post-graduation he started on a typical career path as analyst at Watson Wyatt, Henry soon realized that he had the skills to talk about investments in a way that both colleagues and clients could understand. He figured out early that his rare skill set suited him for a career in investor relations and raising capital. Read more on

Henry soon transferred to Watson Wyatt’s Global Investment Manager Services’ team. He rose quickly in the industry. When Henry was only 32 years old, he was hired as Head of Investor Relations and Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Investment Group. In that role, Henry was responsible for raising capital in the African, European, and Middle Eastern markets.

After eight years with Fortress Investment Group, another investment firm, Angelo Gordon, offered Gareth Henry a full partnership and a position as its Global Head of Investor Relations, which he accepted in 2016. While with Angelo Gordon, Henry kept an extremely busy schedule in accordance with his personal life philosophy: “Activity creates opportunity”. By 7 a.m., he arrived at his office to call clients abroad. He made his goal to make 8 to 10 client calls daily in addition to two in-person client meetings each day.

Recently, Gareth Henry left Angelo Gordon to start his own company in the field of alternative investments. His current position is Head of Global Investor Relations at Alternative Investment Managers. The job has two main components. The first is communicating with investors, which is the easy part of the job due to Henry’s skill set and extensive experience. The challenging part of his work is bringing in new capital.

In the area of alternative investments, Gareth Henry is excited about two trends. One of them is institutional investors making direct investments in private companies. The other trend is the alternative investment industry’s new involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



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