The Two Roles of Jeremy Goldstein

From the business world to the charity community, Jeremy Goldstein plays many roles in the community. During the day he is meeting with clients and discussing legal lingo that few could possibly understand. This line of work is keeping the corporate businesses in line with the law. However, by night Jeremy Goldstein is a bored member of The Foundation House. An organization founded upon the belief that mental illness is not a hindrance in life. These two roles frequently intersect as Jeremy Goldstein pulls upon his vast connection network. He describes in a recent Premiere Gazette article the importance of using both frames of mind.


Starting with Jeremy Goldstein’s history in the lawyer industry, he has been an active participant for over 20 years. He started by graduating New York University School of Law with the highest level of education he could obtain. From this point he spent a period of time building up experience in another firm. However, he recognized the changing tide of consumer and business relationships. He saw a void in the market open for third party lawyers to give high quality legal advice. It was under these condition when Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC was founded in New York City. This moment marked the true beginning of his personal career.


Jeremy Goldstein has risen to become one of the most influential voices in the world of attorneys. He has offered an opinion on most of the biggest business deals in recent years, in addition to actively playing a role in how cretin deals unfolded. His ability to bring people together in this industry is how he amassed high clout with The Foundation House. He recently organized a dinner where many of his friends gathered to donate some of their earnings to a noteworthy cause.


Beyond Jeremy Goldstein’s attorney job, he helps The Foundation House reach its goals of allowing those with mental illness to get another chance at life. They start by giving these individuals a place to live. Their mission has greatly reduced the number of homeless individuals in the city and other regions. At the same time, The Foundation House helps to provide the resources needed to get a job or go back to school to complete an education. Lastly, this organization has greatly helped improve the graduation rates of schools within the area. Mental Health is an issue that not only effects individuals personally, but also the community.


Jeremy Goldstein has masted the ability to balance his roles in life. He brings passion and a pure heart to both of his jobs, while trying to get the most out of each role. The community is something he thinks can be improved step-by-step.


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