The Streamlining Of Bilateral Relationship between Israel And UK Under Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in the Great Britain in 1962. He studied at the University College in Oxford after which he attended the University College in London, then finally graduated from Harvard University school of government.

During his time in the university, Daniel spent his time getting himself conversant with geopolitics, something that has proved beneficial in his career. After getting a vital education, Daniel Taub moved to Israel in the year 1989.

From 1989, Daniel served as a member of Israel’s defense forces in the position of a combat medic personnel. During this period Daniel was a member of military reserve in the international law category.

He devoted his time in the military and was exceptional in his undertakings. Since joining the IDF Daniel never looked back and in 19991, Daniel Taub began his service for Israel’s foreign ministry.

During this period, Daniel was able to work in numerous positions. He held several diplomatic and legal opinions. Daniel served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 a post he later left behind in 2015 after resigning. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

During his four-year stint as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, trade between the good nations doubled. During the summer of 2015, the Israeli embassy in the UK broke the news that Daniel would be resigning from his post.

The statistics were taken before and after Daniel Taub’s assuming the ambassador’s position indicate that, apart from trade doubling between the two nation during Daniel’s tenure, there was a significant formation of academic, cultural not forgetting business links between Israel and the United Kingdom. Read more:Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

The British Secretary in charge of state business stated that thanks to Daniel Taub, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom had entered a golden era. All this is backed by the fact that more than 300 Israeli enterprises have been set up in the UK. This alone has created employment opportunities for the citizens of the United Kingdom across various sectors of the economy.

Taking a look at the stats from Britain’s chamber of commerce, there has been an increase in yearly bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Israel countries which currently have exceeded the $5.5 billion. Experts put the actual figure to close to $7 billion.

Taub has served on various diplomatic missions and was once peace negotiator. At some point in his career, Daniel Taub traveled to Northern Ireland alongside his Palestinian compatriot to get acquainted with the situation in the region.


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