The step by step journey for Rodrigo Terpins to the top.

If you happen to visit the social media pages of the Bull Sertoes rally team or the personal profiles of the team members, you will always notice Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is the brother to Michel Terpins and the brain behind the Bull Sertoes rally team. They are always seen in front of the incredible orange machine the #326 T-Rex. This orange special utility vehicle draped in the team’s colors is the creation of MEM motorsport some of the most prominent car developers in Brazil. The #326 T-rex has been competing in the Sertoes rally for a number of editions now. Their success outside and inside the field has seen the team attract a lot of interest among Brazil rally fans and this is one of the reasons driver Terpins receives such a lot of attention wherever he goes. His abilities and skills as a driver have now surpassed his individual interest, and they now represent a team and a people who share his aspirations. Check out for more.



He has been very crucial to the success of the team having been a business major in university he was able to acquire the skills required in business management. He was initially responsible for managing the team, and this would see it thrive year on year. The ability of Rodrigo Terpins to manage the Bull Sertoes rally saw him attract a lot of sponsors who were willing to corporate with the team and help it grow to where it is today. The support also came in the form of MEM Motorsport. This would prove to be one of the most important partnerships for a rally team and a Motorsport developer in the Brazilian rally circuit. The partnership saw The Bull Sertoes Rally team get the T-rex developed by MEM and later given to them. This was the missing link for the team, and it was not long before the results started showing. During the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally that traversed over thousand six hundred kilometers, Rodrigo Terpins was able to become position three in his category. This would prove to MEM that they had partnered and backed the right team.



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