The Skout App’s New Investor

The new and improved Skout app has returned with better technology, a better chatting experience, as well as a better formatted location feature. The new and improved Skout app is attributed to the new acquirement of the company on behalf of MeetMe. MeetMe has recently acquired the Skout app in order to improve the technology, to bring in more revenue, and to bring in more users of this app. MeetMe has recognized the full potential of the Skout app and has begun funding this app to encourage the app to live up to the full potential. The Skout app is expected to profit over $100 million by the end of 2018. As this Skout was intentionally designed for the launch of the 2009 iOS app, Skout has high expectations for the future of the app.

The creators of Skout are excited for this new investment due to the fact that in exchange for 5 million shares of the company, the Skout brand is able to continue to stand alone. The global platform offers a new way to look at social media with the unique features and the fun icebreakers of the platform. Either on the go or at the home, this app can operate on the mobile or even on the desktop. The millions of users of this app use this app as a site to find new friends, find a new romance, or to just look for interesting individuals to talk to.

This global app is currently full operational in over 180 different countries around the world. with unique features such as the shake feature and the chatting feature, it is easy to see why this app continues to grow in popularity. With over 3.5 million visitors on a monthly basis, Skout is able to attract 42,000 more visitors to the site every single day. This free app is great to use and only requires payment if an upgrade is required or special feature are desired.

One of the most addictive features of this app is the shake feature. This feature enables for an two individuals to have a random conversation with each other. Whether one is looking for a little bit of flirting practice or looking to just have a friendly conversation, this app is built for any need. With this app, positive interactions are encouraged and are continuously experienced thanks to the ability to comment and to like.

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