The Real Real offers the best of both worlds – online and in-store shopping

An article from Digital Mode gives credit to the ways that shopping brand The Real Real has marketed its products through both their online presence and physical stores. The real real is a brand that resells fashion items such as watches and jewelry to consumers at fair prices. The CEO of the company is Julie Wainwright as she has acquired funding from partners to be successful.

Things have changed with the new generation as people prefer to purchase products online than go out to local stores.

Based on CNN’s report, platforms like Amazon offer just about anything to consumers with items arriving in a couple of days or less. The article lists 5 different reasons why people can prefer to buy items online rather than in the store. The first is that people can compare prices easily on the internet, and many believe that it can be cheaper to purchase them online than in a store, which the post explains is a myth and that it just seems that way because deals can be found easily online. When someone goes to buy a clothing item or device in the store, it can be difficult to find out if it is the right thing to purchase but reviews can be found easily online, so, scrolling the web can be much more effective. People post reviews that can be seen on the internet for a product that many can use to determine if they should purchase it. Another big reason that people shop online is that it saves time from having to drive into town and spend time trying on different items in the store. And lastly, people can see more items online than in stores so there can be much more variety to choose from digitally. On the other side, people can choose to rather buy items in-store than online because of being afraid that the item doesn’t arrive in the mail, or the quality not being as indicated digitally, it going out of stock, or individuals not being comfortable with putting sensitive information online such as a card number, and not being able to get money back for returning it in some instances. The Real Real has both of both worlds for customers as they can purchase items online or in-store. They certify that they sell quality items that are not fake. The Real Real has stores that people can visit in NYC and Los Angeles.  To know more about The RealReal you can visit,

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