The Processing of a McDonald’s Hamburger at an OSI Group Facility

For many years we have heard of McDonald’s and their burgers. Because McDonald’s is always in the news regarding their burgers, there have been people who have toured the OSI Group McDonalds factory to find our first hand what goes into making a hamburger patty for the fast food giant. Here is what they had to say about these tours.

Priorities first at OSI Group McDonalds, there is complete sanitation at the factory. If an employee is ill with a stomach bug, they have to stay home until their doctor clears them to go back to work, The reason the employee has to stay home when ill with a bug, sanitation. There is a concern the employee will contaminate the food being processed at OSI Group McDonalds.

Not only is sanitation a high priority at a McDonald’s factory but also they make sure no bone fragments or anything else gets into the burgers. They can ensure there are precautions taken to make sure nothing gets into the hamburger patty. With this being said, there are no plastic objects allowed on the processing floor. Also, employees must remove all jewelry including wedding rings. If a supervisor or quality control personnel needs an ink pen, they must use on with a metal barrel.

The hamburger patties are taken through an intense quality control check. At OSI Group McDonalds, the hamburger patties are tested before they are boxed up and shipped to the store. The hamburgers are grilled up in a replica kitchen to a McDonald’s restaurant. The quality control staff cooks the beef to the specified temperature that McDonald’s restaurants cook their burgers. They are checking for quality of taste. Is the patty the same taste that is expected at a McDonald’s restaurant?

Finally, when the meat is entirely processed and before it is boxed up, it is run through a metal detector. The metal detector is to detect any foreign objects in the hamburger. This is the reason no plastic objects are allowed on the floor. OSI Group McDonalds has strict policies when it comes to a customer finding an object in their hamburger patty.

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