The OSI Group Offers Many Different Food Products For All Three Daily Meals

The OSI Group is an American global food processing company that produces and sells healthy food products to retail and food service brand name industries. OSI Group was formerly called OSI Industries, but changed its name in 2004. The OSI Group offers many different food products for all three daily meals, as well as snacks and desserts. The OSI company was created in 1909 and is based in Illinois.

OSI continues to grow exponentially as they buy other global brand name food product and service companies. In August 2016, they acquired a controlling interest in Baho Food which is a private Dutch food operation that for 60 years has marketed and sold deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. OSI gains a foot-hole in Europe with Baho’s operating plants in Germany, the Netherlands and Baho’s former customers in 18 European countries.

It was announced in June 2016 that the OSI Group purchased the former Tyson Foods South Side plant in Chicago. The former Tyson Foods plant is a 200,000-square-foot facility which made prepared meals for the hospitality industry and other food retailers. OSI stated that the South Side plant would serve as an added infrastructure to support its Chicago based business growth. Two other Tyson Foods plants that distributes steaks are still in operation.

In December 2016, the successful international OSI Group acquired the U.K. Flagship Europe company which was a part of the Flagship Food Group. Further expanding its European dominance in the food service industry, OSI continues to strengthen their position in the world food product development solutions marketplace. Flagship Europe carried a wide range of quality products like frozen poultry, sous vide products, dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, pies, dips, marinades, sandwich fillings and more. It wasn’t that long ago that Flagship Europe had acquired Calder Foods.

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