The Novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Is a Hit For Sean Penn

Sean Penn is a noted movie writer, now he has ventured into the position of being the author of a novel. His work received some controversial reviews, even before it was officially released. The title of the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, would give the first impression of being a book about men who are constantly asked by wives to do this, or do that. Men who are determined to please their wives by doing every task that is requested. But, that is not the premise behind Sean’s new novel.

In the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, you find a character who has done some very out of the ordinary things. From murder by mallet, to selling septic tanks to members of the Jehovah Witness. This man has accidentally rescued prisoners from a foreign prison, to setting up a fireworks display for dictators. This book instantly became the topic of interest to many people on social media, as it went viral before release. Sean was interviewed about his work recently. When asked if he had experienced any similarities to his movie, The Indian Runner, he replied that it was just the way he saw the country. He admitted to being a big fan of Harry Crews, who had a part in the movie.

For Sean, his is inspired with the fact that authors have the freedom of words, as opposed to having one writer who may have influenced him. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was originally an audio book. Penn did this as a means of getting the book out to the public before the elections because publishing was very time consuming. Penn was asked about the chances he took in his debut novel, and he replied that at age 57, he was very free with his words, and that he could go all the way without any inhibitions. Sean had only attempted to write one or two pages in the past, but when he realized that he would not have any interference from life, he really had fun writing the novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

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