The moves that Fortress Investment Group has made over the years

In the investment niches that are found globally, Fortress Investment Group will have a presence there, and as they deal with investment matters. In 2017 financial report that was released it stated that the company has $3.6 billion in asset base. The reason why Fortress have an advantage when compared with other firm is that of the business model. The number of companies that they hold trust for is 1750 as they trust them to be their asset manager. When it comes to managing the private and individual asset, they will still handle them. Fortress Investment Group they don’t focus on one thing they even venture into other investment strategies like real estate, credit, and private equity.

There is an announcement that has been made by SoftBank Group that they had finished the acquisition process of Fortress Investment Group. The firm has paid for the new catch a total of $3.3 billion. That’s made official that SoftBank to be the owners of all the shares that Fortress owned. The management at SBG say that all the statutory requirement needed from them they have completed. To complete the acquisition, all the shareholders at Fortress have changed the ownership by approving. The report release claims that for Fortress they still can be independent, but they will be under SoftBank. The companies expect that at the end of the day they will be able to work together to gain the profits.

There was an intriguing story that was going on that the 2010 Winter Olympics that took place in Canada, Fortress Investment Group came so close to purchasing them. They demanded that if there were to allow the game to go on, then they had to receive the payments that the Canadian authorities owed. After the game, they got the best coverage because they were the headlines. The thing that shocked the Canadian the most is how an American firm can be that involved with the game that they had the power to stop it from going on. Olympics organizers were to use the British Columbia ski resort for the Alpine events that were owned by Fortress in the first place. That is the reason why the company had the power to demand that the people responsible for the matches to pay the $ 90 million. If that was not the case, then they will stop the events from going on and sue them.

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