The landmark overturn made by Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

For many of those interested in the field of law, it can be put to book when a court of appeal overturns a ruling made by a lower court. Such cases occur when legal interpretations of the previous court shed light on judicial philosophy. When a high court reverses the decision of a lower court, it opens the opportunity for a new legal precedent, and this echoes for years that come in the justice system. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva made history by overturning the sentence of two traffickers. The decision became momentous in the corridors of justice. 

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva’s Career as a Judge

It is important to know about the judge to correctly understand how he made the decision. Since 15 years of age, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva had put focus in law as a career after he found that it was his passion. He wasted no time and immediately started pursuing his career. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva attended Catholic University and studied law. In 1981, he graduated as a law student. After his graduation, he pursued the career further becoming a professor in law and achieved his life goal in 2003. 

The Aftermath of the Ruling

Andradina’s Public Prosecutor had earlier used the evidence to develop an argument to have Carlos Henrique Alves dos Santos and Josicleia Costa da Silva who were suspected drug dealers convicted. Marco Antonio went against the ruling which had sentenced the two suspects for 5 years and 10 months, and 1 year and 8 months correspondingly. The sentences were thrown out, and the evidence disallowed. A trial will be carried out again with the availability of new evidence. 

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva ruled out the sentence as null and void. Later, he outlined the circumstance in which the process of wiretapping became part of the evidence in court. He stated that wiretapping should be under law enforcement and not carried out by the office of the public prosecutor, therefore, making the evidence irrelevant (Youtube).

For those who are interested in how law shifts and forms based on the submission of legal theory and model operate, the ruling made recently by the Court of Appeal provides an opportunity for a captivating case study. Judge Marco writings, articles and books open a wide range of options to deeply understand the importance and need of law.

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