The Journey of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has tremendously grown over the years. Currently, it is the largest supplier of nutritional products across the globe. The institution has numerous facilities in different states and over 20,00o employees in these facilities. OSI is a private institution that provides its food resources to food processing plants across the globe. It also offers processing plants with a business partner with a vast portfolio and worldwide popularity. OSI Food Solutions is currently a prominent institution operating in the global market, but it started a local family-owned business.

OSI Food Solutions started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky was a foreigner in America; he had been staying in the United States for about two years before he decided to venture into business. Otto had relocated to America from Germany and had arrived in the country by boat accompanied by his family. When it began, it was a small meat supplier in Oak Park, Illinois. Though it has expanded to its current status, one thing about OSI has not changed, and that is its headquarters.

Several years later after its launch in 1928, Otto named the firm Otto & Sons. The following years involved the growth and development of the firm. It developed an excellent reputation in the local region and was known as the best supplier of high-quality meat. As their expansion continued, Otto Kolschowsky acquired contracts from several companies. In 1955, he acquired one of the essential partnerships to the firm’s growth. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s had received permits to launch restaurants in several regions. One of these restaurants got launched in Des Plaines, Illinois, which resulted in Ray contacting Otto $ Sons for business. Otto & Sons were the primary suppliers of meat patties to the restaurant.

Later on, in 1973, Otto $ Sons opened up its first meat processing plant. The plant majorly manufactured burger patties and also had equipment for freezing mat products. Two years later the company officially became OSI Food Solutions but retained the O and S from Otto & Sons. The two letters were meant to be a reminder of the company’s past.

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