The Impact of Globalization On Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation

Globalization is a term that economists like to throw around. They get on all the television news networks to espouse the benefits of trade deals. These trade deals allow countries to import and sell goods here in the United States without paying an import tax, otherwise known as a tariff. In the end, this allows giant corporations to produce their goods in countries with looser manufacturing laws.

When this happens, human rights and environmental violations begin to take place. Many countries have terrible working standards. Bangladesh, for example, pays their workers less than a dollar per day and the country enforces few, if any, pollution laws. This allows foreign companies to set up manufacturing in the country to save money. The companies save money through reduced wages and far reduced costs on pollution. Essentially, they are allowed to throw their waste right into streams, oceans and forest without any oversight.

This becomes a race to the bottom. The United States has an insatiable appetite when it comes to goods. This creates a scenario where low-wage countries churn out massive amounts of goods while polluting the world and abusing workers along the way. This creates a lot of human rights violations. That’s where Thor Halvorssen comes in.The 39-year-old human rights advocate founded the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation. One of the most important issues to the human rights advocate is economic justice.

Thor Halvorssen does not choose sides in politics. He has worked for right-leaning political organizations, but he’s not afraid to call out the right for any wrongdoing. What he cares about is justice at the political and economic level.Here’s another example. The dictator of Angola paid Nikki Minaj millions for a personal concert. Those millions were stolen from his citizens. The dictator, who is in power with no check or balances, uses his military might to claim the country’s natural resources for himself.Despite his belief in capitalism, he fights hard for economic justice for workers around the world. Globalization is something Thor works hard to stay ahead of in order to protect the rights of more people around the world.


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