The Illustrious Career of Ted Bauman in Charity Organizations

Ted Bauman was welcomed into the editing team of Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013. Today, Ted is the editor-in-chief of the Plan C Club, the Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. The three publications are known around the US for their strong stands while addressing issues on international migration, asset security, and most importantly advice on investments that hold fewer risks. Apart from his busy schedule as a writer and editor, Ted is at the end of the day a father with a family home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Even though Ted Bauman was born and brought up in Maryland, he also calls South Africa home. Immediately after graduating from high school, Ted moved to the African giant for his undergraduate degree. He enrolled at the renowned Cape Town University and after four years graduated with degrees in Economics and History.

Having been impressed with the South African culture, Ted also decided to seek employment in the country. In a few years, Ted worked and served in various capacities for several non-profit organizations. His primary duties included coordinating and overseeing operations in many low-cost housing projects.

During his exploits in South Africa, Ted Bauman was privileged to be part of the formation of Slum Dwellers Association. The initiative targets slum dwellers with the sole aim of changing the state of affairs in those regions. After years of growth and achieving much success, the organization today has touched the lives of more than 14 million people in 35 countries around the world including in South Africa.

Ted Bauman has devoted his career life to helping people make sound decisions and also to lead better lives and is a critic of corporate greed and government supervision. Along with his prosperous career with charity organizations, Ted has worked as a construction consultant on various projects that uplift people’s lives. He has worked with several global organizations including the World Bank and the United Nations. His work with such noble institutions mainly revolves around researching on urban planning, low-cost housing, and construction financing. Today, Ted is a prolific writer of all matters global money markets, and trends in real estate.


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