The History of Michael Zomber

In the world of historical weapons, Michael Zomber is an expert. Zomber is knowledgeable about: American, European, Islamic, and Japanese weapons. This knowledge spans from the 16th to 19th centuries. The historian is also educated about the culture of the Japanese samurai. Zomber’s interest in ancient weaponry has resulted in an impressive collection of weapons and artifacts. The collector’s expertise has been sought out by the History Channel. Zomber has repeatedly appeared on the channel’s program Tales of the Gun.

Zomber is passionate about the preservation of history. This enthusiasm has been applied to historical writing. The historian’s books range from tales of ancient Japan to stories of post-civil war America. Zomber’s works of fiction included: Shogun Iemitus, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and A Son of Kentucky. The author’s nonfiction titles are Jesus and the Samurais and Park Avenue.

Zomber’s talents are not limited to print. Zomber has taken his passion for the samurai culture and channeled it into a documentary titled Soul of the Samurai. The film presents an accurate account of the samurai culture. The movie required extensive research and planning. Zomber wrote the screenplay, designed the set and acquired authentic props. The film was released through Renascent Films, a company that Zomber and his wife founded in 1998. Renascent Films has helped other independent film producers by providing financing and advice. The company has also distributed the films La Curcaracha and Deep Sea Diving.

Zomber’s passion maybe ancient weaponry, but he is devoted to the ideal of world peace. To pursue this ideal, he actively supports organizations such as Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders.

Michael Zomber resides in Philadelphia with his wife and his two children. Zomber’s educational accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


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