The History Of End Citizens United

In just a few short years, End Citizens United has become one of the most well-known political action committees in history but just how did this liberal PAC come to be? It all goes back to 2010 after the decision in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The case was to decide whether to keep big money out of politics but, unfortunately, the supreme court ruled the other way. End Citizens United was founded not long afterwards by its president, Tiffany Muller, as a way to fight to keep big corporations from being able to influence the political elections of this great nation. End Citizens United is currently located in our nation’s capital.

Their mission is to overturn that supreme court case to keep big corporations from being able to make substantial contributions to any political campaign. They intend to raise $35 million by November to help progressive candidates emerge victorious in the upcoming elections. Their goal is a lofty one as it’s 10 million more than they raised last year. Nevertheless, they remain confident that they will be able to reach their goal. They recently announced their endorsements for US Senate. Their list of endorsements includes such well renowned politicians as Kyrsten Sinema, Claire McCaskill and Tammy Baldwin, the first senator to give birth while in office. They remain confident these senators and others who they’ve endorsed will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections.

More recently, they’ve released what they refer to as the Big Money 20 List, their list of the 20 most corrupt and greedy politicians. This year’s list includes such well-renowned Republicans as Dana Rohrbacher, Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. Their goal is to ensure these depraved Republicans are not reelected. Three of the politicians on the list have already announced they will not be seeking reelection this year so the list is now down to just 17. End Citizens United is confident they will be able to prevent these Senators from winning reelection in upcoming midterms. With the election still six months away, the Democrats seem poised to take back the House, Senate and Congress but they’ll have to be able to raise enough to ensure they can run successful campaigns. So we wish End Citizens United the best of luck in meeting their fundraising goals before the midterms and we hope they’ll be able to ensure a positive outcome in the upcoming midterm elections.

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