The expertise of Wes Edens in the investment and transport industry

Wes Edens is a business and investment personality that has been instrumental in changing the investment world for the better. He is the co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He has served in the investment industry for long and has acquired skills to venture into other fields like transport and sports. His main aim is to empower young innovative people to reach successful levels in their careers. For instance, he is the owner of NBA franchise based in Wisconsin and plans to open other subsidiaries in other parts of US. Wes Edens and Milwaukee Bucks own a private passenger train that has changed the lives of people in South Florida. The train has been glorified as it has reduced the time taken by people to commute. For instance, the private train is plying between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The introduction of the train in May 2018 has reduced the time of moving around the city to 30 minutes or less.

In addition, the passengers enjoy good leather seats, free Wi-Fi, and food services.The train is called Brightline and is way cheaper compared to other forms of transport in the city. For instance, it costs $10 for a one-way ticket compared to driving with Uber which might cost $40 with a lot of time wasted on the road. Many people prefer leaving their cars at home to enjoy the services of the train which extend to West Palm Beach. Soon, Wes Edens has announced the passenger train will be providing its services to Orlando. This is a positive move towards making the train among the most affordable and sought after form of transport. With the increase in demand for train services in other cities, the Brightline will roll over its services to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Fortress Investment Group owns the rail system in Miami, and as such, they are planning on establishing a railway station in Miami. With the introduction of the railway system, the prices of commodities and real estate development will skyrocket. This will lead to increased economic development along the railway line. Wes Edens has a wealth of experience in the technological and investment world. He graduated with a degree in finance from the Oregon State University. As such, he has headed many profitable and successful investment firms in the past including BlackRock Asset Investors. As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, he has been instrumental in growing the firm to an estimated value of $72 billion.


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