The Experience of Greg Blatt


Greg Blatt, the former Chairman, and CEO of MatchGroup is from New York, New York. He began his college years in 1986 when he attended Colgate University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/ Letters, and Economics as well. Blatt finished in 1990. He then transitioned to the Columbia Law School in 1992 and received his Doctor of Law: JD. He finished in 1995 (Gazetteday).


Roles at the Online Dating Companies

Greg has had many jobs under the category of online dating. For example, he has held high positions at the three companies of Tinder, Match Group, as well as IAC from 2009-2017. Blatt was the CEO for MatchGroup and Tinder, he was the chairman and executive chairman. Before the year 2009, he worked at IAC as the executive vice president in general counsel. All those roles Greg Blatt served in reflected that he could work in all those different areas. It also painted a picture of the value of the ability he has to sustained success and keep his flexibility.


Jobs Prior to the Dating Jobs

A job Greg Blatt worked at before those dating companies was Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. There, he became well known for the work he did as an EVP in the roles of general counsel and business affairs. He also engaged in senior roles with the company. Beforehand, he served several law firms as an associate from 1995 to 1999.



Studying law has aided Blatt in taking up various leadership positions. A reason for the relationship of both business and law is the discipline sense obtained while heading to a law degree. The Doctor of Law and the time spent at the various law firms have been instrumental in the background of Blatt. Finally, something that has taken Blatt long way is focusing on one industry and going deep into the field’s experience. Blatt was able to bring into every new position direct and actionable experiences.


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