The Debt Financing Arrangement at Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health Corporation had entered into a %25 million debt financing arrangement with GE Capital. The company opted for the facility in order to support its growth efforts besides providing new working capital revolving line and be able to repay its outstanding obligations. One of such obligations is a seller’s note worth $12 million, which is related to its acquisition of Athas Health.
The institution wanted to accomplish different goals in 2015 but one of the goals that it was able to achieve was the reduction of its average cost of borrowing and success in capital structure streamlining. The chief executive officer of Nobilis health, Chris Lloyd, asserted that the corporation will continue working with GE Capital in terms of financing its anticipated growth for the remainder of the year. Al Aria, GE Capital’s managing director in charge of corporate finance asserted that it is the specialty of the firm to provide flexible capital to healthcare companies for them to expand their businesses.
Its vast assets incorporates ambulatory surgery centers besides an urgent care center and two centers for MRI. The ambulatory surgery centers are six in number with three located in Houston, two in Dallas and one each in Arizona and Scottsdale. Across the United, Nobilis health has managed to have an excellent marketing relationship with sixteen surgical centers.
One of the mission of the firm has been to provide medical education to patients. This service has proven to be quite imperative in provision of adequate information to patients thus helping them make informed decisions about their health. Nobilis Health believes that a patient should be respected and well-informed at each of the care process. It is important to note that the corporation requires that patients be informed irrespective of whether they shall choose to be treated by one of the Nobilis Health physician partners or not.
Nobilis has an excellent collective leadership experience that incorporates development and management of over 100 surgical centers. The entity has always focused on providing superior medical care to its patients besides lowering the costs associated with healthcare delivery. While undertaking their duties, the physicians ensure that they maximize patient satisfaction. Over the years, Nobilis has continued to maintain its number one spot in terms of innovation.
Its workforce is highly competent and qualified in providing patients with multiple specialties. These specialties includes pain management, spine surgery, treatment of gastrointestinal problems, podiatry and general surgery among other services. The surgeons are highly trained fellows. They are also board certified making them some of the excellent and vastly skilled surgeons in the nation. The firm has been in operation for many years thus having adequate knowledge of the common diseases affecting the populace. This knowledge and its excellent business model has seen Nobilis Health corporation register massive growth in service offing thus its profitability margins.

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