The creation within shared office space


This article goes into great detail about the deal with co-working spaces in the Renaissance age of Italy. The article gives a somewhat inspiring and uplifting for explaining that during this age creating art was a deep passion for many in this age. It goes into further detail talking about the workshops that were found throughout Italy. Workshops in those times were looked up as communities and innovation as dreams. To the people that it those times the workshops are more than just mere locations for ideas they were a place where one ideas, as well as an individual’s dreams would be born in reality. The article goes into a bit more detail explaining how people would communicate well and be able to come to some sort of understanding when in the process of creating. It gave different people a chance to help collaborate with an idea. Work shops such as these were very important to insuring artists and creative who wanted to make a change in the art community or to simply see their dream be brought to life.

WorkVille NYC is a coworking space that is located not to far from Times Square, Bryant Park as well as major transportation hubs. According to sources this place is suppose to create a friendly and flexible space for the common individual. This working space is suppose to be featured with open desks, shared offices as well as move-in ready offices. The members of this facility are able to spread out their work, have to take meetings and take calls from the facility’s cafe, lounge area and the 3 outdoor terraces that are available there. This workplace is to simply create a place of accomplishment and success with all of the talented members and types of small businesses that are available at this unique establishment.

Both WorkVille as well as the Coworking Space in Italy both share a common goal, success and freedom. They both are designed for almost anyone to come in and create and work together with other individuals. They both are places where one can be free and be able to be in a calm environment to think so they are able to bring out their creative side in the field. Even if these establishment are on different sides of the world, the same types of people go there to make something of themselves and their own work.


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