The Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and entrepreneur who has experienced a lot of success in both the healthcare and real estate industries. He has spent many years running businesses that pertained to medical aesthetics as well as real estate investment. When he first started out, Dr. Mark McKenna worked at his family’s medical practice to work as a physician. However, Mark had other ideas and looked to get involved in the booming real estate market. He would invest in a number of properties and reach prosperity. After investing in real estate, Mark would then move on to starting a company that made a number of medical aesthetic products. With his success, Mark has established himself as one of the most versatile entrepreneurs in the United States.

Before Dr. Mark McKenna started his career, he completed his education. He attended college and completed a bachelor’s degree in preparation for medical school. After finishing college, Mark would then attend medical school and complete its four year program. Once he completed his medical education, McKenna would then work as physician with father. During this time, he would help serve patients and run the practice. While this career was successful for Mark, he looked to get more involved in running different businesses.

While he was practicing as a physician, Dr. Mark McKenna began investing in real estate. This allowed him to acquire property and profit from it on a regular basis. He would eventually start up his own company that specialized in investing and development. During the 2000’s, Mark’s company was a huge success and he was able to earn very high returns on the properties that he invested in. Along with investing in real estate for his own personal profit, Mark also made valuable contributions to community as well. After Hurricane Katrina, Mark would help develop low income housing for displaced residents of New Orleans.

Mark would then move on to starting up his own company in the healthcare industry. His new company would specialize in developing and manufacturing products that help people with physical therapy. This was his business that specialized in medical aesthetics. During his stint as an entrepreneur, Mark would experience a considerable amount of success. He still runs this medical aesthetics company to this day.

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