The Career and Insight of Dr. Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage has been a venture partner in 5AM Ventures since 2003. In 2004 he became a Managing Partner. His experience in healthcare management spans three decades amd includes leadership responsibilities. His work led to three new drugs being approved by the FDA and he has had numerous drugs entered into clinical trials and more information click here.


Dr. Scott Rocklage attended the University of California, Berkeley where he earned his B.S. in Chemistry. He continued his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his PhD in Chemistry. He is a co-inventor or inventor on more than thirty United States patents has had in excess of 100 publications reviewed by his peers. His office is located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Dr. Rocklage’s days are not typical. Sometimes he is studying the newer areas of science and other days he works with a company team on portfolio management or attends board meetings. He generally works with physicians, scientists, business executives and entrepreneurs. He helps these individuals shape their ideas regarding potential medications.


Scott Rocklage is excited in the growth he is seeing in treating cancer by targeting specific genotypes and mutations. Lives have already been saved and extended due to this research. He believes more improvements are coming in the near future. He feels in order to see productivity time must be organized and well managed and learn more about Scott.


Dr. Rocklage says one lesson he has learned is the importance of focusing on more people. He believes measured risk taking is what gives an entrepreneur control over their future, not working for a Fortune 500 company. He stays true to the strengths of his business and what his business is capable of doing well. He feels this is especially important during challenging periods of time and Scott’s lacrosse camp.


Dr. Scott Rocklage perceives his biggest failure to be in the area of people management. He has learned when the wrong person has been hired it is important to move on because goals and performance reviews will not change the way a person performs. Their basic characteristics will remain the same. The best option is to move on and find the right person to fill the position and resume him.


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