The Business Path of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is someone well respected within the music industry. He worked at numerous businesses that provided live entertainment solutions post college career for theater design. Hutson took on many different career path titles throughout the years, including things like Project Manager and Sound Engineer. As things progressed, he eventually took on the label of a entrepreneur where he astonishingly created his own entertainment production company.

Clayton was basically called to the alter of Rock n’ Roll. Acknowledging his passion for the world of music, he has devoted his life to supervising a remarkable number of live tours. Collaborating with some of the most successful names in music, Mr. Hutson has had the opportunity to work with huge artists like Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses just to name a few. In words coming straight from Clay’s own mouth, he stated that the idea of his company came after the recession did damage to the company he was working with at that point in time. He decided to “take a leap of faith” and embark on the adventure of having his own company. Clayton believes that his talents gave him the confidence to and extra push he may have needed to create his own business venture.

One example of something that is commonly known about Clay Hutson is the fact that he operated the One Republic >Honda Civic Tour.” which took place in North America and Asia during July, August, and September of 2017. Something that may surprise some people, but others admire about Clay is his unusual belief that differs from the traditional opinion that a member of his staff member’s attitude may make a bigger difference than their abilities and skills. Drifting away from the typical person’s viewpoint, Mr. Hutson thinks that skill level of an employee should have the most significance.

All in all, Clayton Hutson is believed to be an inspiring, hardworking, individual who never gave up on his dreams, even if it may have taken a few different career paths to eventually provide him the base of support he needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Clay is well respected in the music industry for his hard work and compassion for his job and for others.


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