The 990 Company is a Win-Win Real Estate Opportunity

Real estate has been bought and sold in pretty much the same way for the past 50 years, but if you are a real estate agent, there is a new way. Greg Hauge, the founder of The 990 Company, has designed a program for realtors that attracts new business while giving customers huge savings. The 990 Company saves buyers thousands of dollars because the realtor on is not charging the five or six percent commission that is typically taken for the agent. The bottom line is that customers who bought homes in The 990 Company were only charged $990 with complete service from their agent.

The Beginning of The 990 Company

Mr. Hague designed the plan that turned into The 990 Company over 25 years ago when he was a realtor in Arizona. He was the top realtor in sales in his district and used all the traditional methods, but that did not stop him from wanting to design a strategic plan that invited more customers into his office.

As a leader, he wanted a new plan that attracted customers that he wouldn’t otherwise have. He developed the 990 plan in his office, and before long, realtors were using the plan in three offices, then across the city and now nationwide. The concept is one that spreads by word of mouth, but there is a direct advertising method also. The plan that Greg has efficiently developed, along with the media information, including ads and instructions, comes in one packet whenever you decide to join The 990 Company. The cost is only $200 a month.

The Basic Concept of The 990 Company

When you have successfully completed a few 990 sales and are starting to build a steady flow of customers, the word will spread quickly. Soon you will have your 990 Company customers promoting your office sales while you continue to have to have your normal six percent commissions.

Many agents cannot see how reducing the fee to $990 will ever benefit their business, but they are not looking past the individual customer and into the future.

The 990 Company and its Advantages

Agents are divided by zip codes, and the main office advertises agents, but, as a full-service realtor, you can advertise The 990 Company in your own area in your professional name also, so there are two methods of advertising for your office. Mr. Haque has developed an incredible way to allow the buyers to save and yet, for the agents to receive multiplied profits. It’s a Win- Win proposition.

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