Ted Bauman Speaks Out About Amazon

Ted Bauman is the editor of the Bauman Letter. The Bauman Letter is a publication that has at least 100,000 subscribers reading it on a daily basis. The Bauman Letter talks about investment, legal, and personal strategies that people face everyday. Ted Bauman also works writing for Smart Money and Alpha Stock Alert. These are both weekly stock training services. Ted Bauman brings a large perspective to the marketing world. He provides readers with his unique views and how they will help them learn about marketing, stocks, and many other things.

Ted Bauman has some pretty strong viewpoints when it comes to Amazon. He believes that Amazon is a lot like Sears catalog when it was first published in the 1800’s. Just like the owner of Sears did back in the day the man who started Amazon named Jeff Bezos made sure to use people’s wants and needs to lead to them using his company. He knew that when people want something they want it immediately so having something that makes it readily available and able to ship to their door is definitely a huge business.

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There are over 90 million people who currently have Amazon memberships. Amazon is one of the leading sellers of online products. They have a huge selection of items to choose from, prices that are very competitive, and delivery that is so fast. Everything that someone will want when they want to order offline.

Ted Bauman says the Amazon does know how to control the online market, but they are not a monopoly. He says that Amazon has put a huge impact on other merchandisers including Target, Big Lots, Kohl’s, and more. Ted says that Amazon is definitely not a monopoly but they will be around for a very long time and they’re going to going to continue to do a lot of business. They’re going to be very successful for many more years to come.

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