Ted Bauman Offers Sensible Financial Advice In “The Bauman Report”

Economist and editor Ted Bauman has developed multiple ways of protecting financial assets. He reveals these strategies in his popular newsletter “The Bauman Letter”. He has spent his whole career helping others protect their resources. A graduate of the University of Cape Town, he studied economics and history, eventually earning postgraduate degrees in both of these majors.

Born in Washington D.C., he spent the first twenty-five years of his career in South Africa. His time was spent serving in executive positions at organizations that built housing for low-income families. He also worked at a few hedge funds and once did an urban planning project. When he returned to the United State, he and his family chose to live in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out to read full interview of Ted Bauman

Soon after moving back to the U.S., Ted Bauman became a financial newsletter editor. Along with his team he now produces three newsletters a month; “Plan B Club”, “The Bauman Letter”, and “Alpha Stock Alert”. “The Bauman Letter” was his first and it has attracted more subscribers than any other one published by the company that issues his newsletters, Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman believes in under-promising and over-delivering. This means that he doesn’t make lofty claims about the returns on investments that he suggests to his readers. He does guarantee, though, that the investment advice he offers is guided by experience and knowledge. He created the Infinite Nest Egg System. This is a system that if a person follows will result in financial security in both the present and future.

The Bauman Letter” is read by people of all backgrounds and different levels of investment experience. Subscribers like that he doesn’t claim he’s going to help anybody make instant wealth. He instead offers sensible strategies that don’t take on too much risk. The advice he offers is tried and true.

Ted Bauman only makes “The Bauman Letter” available to 1,000 people annually. He does, however, write articles that people can read for free on the internet. He is also a public speaker who has shared his ideas about protecting assets with audiences across the U.S.

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