Teach to One: A Tool For Individuals

Hello everybody thanks for joining us! Today we are going to talk about math, yes that one subject that gives nearly everybody anxiety for the first half of their lives just so they can never use 90% of it outside a classroom setting, but that’s a topic for another day. Today it’s all about the personal learning tool Teach to One, a math program that focuses on teaching the individual student rather than the collective whole. This method of teaching can be really effective for students that don’t necessarily thrive in a traditional classroom setting.

It seems unclear whether or not Teach to One actually improves test scores or not, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Education isn’t and shouldn’t be defined by a test score, because all a test does is prove weather or not someone studied not if they actually learned something, and that’s what Teach to One is all about, individual learning. To know more about Teach to one visit

There’s a great power in individual learning, because even if the mass majority can succeed in a traditional classroom setting there are still those who learn faster or slower than the mass majority. Teach to One program challenges this traditional idea of teaching the majority and instead focuses on teaching one person, giving them all the resources they need to be able to move on to the next step at their own individual speed.

For a lot of people math can be very difficult, lead to stress, and cause anxiety. Most of those reasons however can be lead back to learning at the same pace with everyone else in the room learning next to you. If one were to remove that element entirely then one can learn math as the logical problem solving tool it really is instead of another part of lives everyday stress inducers.



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