Talkspace the new evolution of therapy!

Its 11am your speeding to your therapist office to make it to your appointment. You’ve been having severe panic attacks from circumstances at work, you and therapist have previously discussed how those types of episodes are triggered by past events that happened when you were a child. You have been needing to get to your therapist all week because you’re at your breaking point and aren’t dealing well with processing your feelings. What if you could have talked to the therapist when the feelings first started that week? Wouldn’t it have made a difference in how you have dealt with life’s daily task? That’s were Talkspace comes in.

Have you ever needed to talk to someone, just vent your frustrations without being in fear of being judged or ridiculed by others? In the past if you were dealing with any such problems you would have to pay astronomical rates to see a therapist. Now with on demand programs like Talkspace, individuals have an outlet to use these services without complicating things with insurance providers and waiting on approvals. You can meet with a therapist via text or video chat at lengths of time at a very affordable price without having to be physically face to face.


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