Talkspace: How it really Works for Clients

Talkspace is a therapy application that people can download to their mobile devices to receive mental health services. This app was created by Oren and Roni Frank back in 2012. Since that time, the app has become one of the best therapy based apps on the market. Since its inception, Talkspace has been used by at least 500,000 people.

Talkspace is being used by so many people for a number who need mental health counseling. There are many benefits to utilizing this app as opposed to visiting a live counselor. One advantage of this therapy program is its anonymity. People who use the services of this application do not have wory about anyone knowing they are struggling with mental health issues.

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The service offered by this company are privately carried out between the client and their chosen therapist. The reality is that a therapist and client on Talkspace do not really see one another in person. Most of the interaction between the two parties takes place through texting. While Talkspace does not disclose a client’s information they do require an emergency contact number in the event that patient does something harmful to themselves or needs immediate assistance.

The therapy app also provides a lot of convenience. Users do not have to wait to speak to their therapist every other week or whenever they can be scheduled in for an appointment. They can simply carry on a conversation through text messaging. This conversation might last for days but it can be effective for helping people to resolve their issues. The service is also extremely affordable when compared to regular therapy visits. Users only pay $32 per week. This is a low fee for psychology services which can range upward to $300 or more per hour.

When a person utilizes the services of a regular therapist, they usually don’t have time to really think through their problems. They often forget important points they would like to discuss. Talk therapy apps eliminates this problem because it doesn’t revolve around a limited time session where people feel rushed. This is a great advantage for people who want real answers and practical solutions to their problems. Talkspace is a great benefit for any person who needs easy to use and no hassle counseling services.

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